Thursday, May 23, 2013

Synesthesia and Cymatics Response!

I found my self wondering what my life would be like if I saw colors and shapes every time I listen to music.  These people have such a different life and I can only imagine how creative they may be. Synesthesia would be great in the process of making an experimental film. It was interesting to see that not only does sound allow people to see color but it could also be number, letters that can be associated with colors or personalities.
I am curious to know how the sound showed up on the classes magazine transfers! I am also curious to see how different images created can produce sounds through the projector.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My interest in this piece was how the image and sound were synced together. When the images movement was faster the music became more rapid and upbeat as well. Adding the sound to the motion of the images seemed to tell more of a story than it would have without the sound. I am interested in learning how these experimental films are made. I am also curious to see the variety of ways you can alter film to make it appear with these vibrant colors and odd shapes and lines. I look forward to learning more about this particular form of cinema not only to expand my knowledge but also help others understand this art form as well.